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Sunfare is a Los Angeles based company that in 1987 launched a progressive system of home-delivered gourmet meals named The Delivery Zone. They provide a nutritionally balanced, personalized diet for people without the time to do it themselves. With a growing client base of over 6,000 satisfied people, their healthy meals are served to a diverse clientele that includes professionals of all types to stay at home parents. Sunfare has received favorable coverage from a wide range of media, including Entertainment Tonight, and In Style, Rolling Stone, and Vogue Magazines.

Media Plexus professionals have developed the HTML layout of the site's pages as well as C# code behind it. Access to the client's MS SQL DB is being performed through the saved procedures. Primary site developers have provided us with a separate middle tier DB interface. Site includes open sections for unregistered users, interactive plan selection with the real time pricing calculator and sign up mechanism. There are also sections which are available for clients only. Users accounts are being stored to the DB.

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